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Paddle Fitness on the Tideway

We look at Paddle fitness overall as this is always the overarching goal. SUP is a perfect way to get some of your weekly exercise and being on the river while you work out is definitely an added incentive not to skip a session. The main goal of these sessions is to improve our aerobic …

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Paddle Friendly Pubs

I chose a less than favourable day for a pub crawl but living in the UK this is highly likely to be the case and actually some of the times I appreciate the pubs more! With reasonably high winds (up to 26mph gusts), rain and hailstones it was not the perfect day for a paddle …

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Paddle and Pick

Public events calendar We are often asked when individuals can take part in Paddle and Pick river or canal clean ups . People sometimes ask why we have to charge people to take part in on marine plastic clean ups. As they are giving up their time to clean up rivers or canals this should …

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Central London SUP

Every year we get a few enquires from people who want to SUP through London. It’s a great experience to do but its not for everyone. The tidal current through central London is always strong and there’s almost constant traffic with wash from boats. The river has embankments along its entire central London stretch with …

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Fins Blog

Few people think about fins as being important equipment.  They are hidden away under your board so you see them briefly when setting up and then on water you only notice them when they become loose or fall off.  A board with no fin is barely controllable and the usual stage before that when a loose fin …

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Thames Islands

Thames islands  There are around 180 Islands on the Thames with most of them in the middle reaches from Reading to Richmond.  Some are known as islands and others as Aits or Eyots – both Anglo Saxon words for island.  We have some of the most interesting Thames Islands (historically speaking) on the Tideway (tidal …

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