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Modified paddles – Oscar propulsion Ltd

We have been in discussions with Oscar propulsion for the past 6 months about their development to modify paddles to enable a softer catch and more stable stroke.

We first tried a modified Billboard Paddle with Bill Bailey – who liked it a lot. Then Duncan from Oscar gave us a modified …… paddle to try. This seemed good but it was difficult to appreciate how the modification had changed the paddle as we had no experience of that particular paddle.

For the past 5 years Oscar have been developing a patented technique and application of putting slits through the face of rowing blades to soften the catch and reduce the wobble through the stroke making it more stable and enabling the rower to maintain a better body position . This also has the benefit of reducing stress and strain on the body and received World Rowing approval late last year. They claim that there is no loss of performance.

Duncan Troy of Oscar writes :

“We turned our attention to paddle boarding as we thought the softer catch and more stable stroke might be very beneficial as the paddler’s centre of gravity is that much higher to that of a rower. We have taken various brands paddles and cut slits through the face to allow them to be tested against un-slit blades. The results have been universally positive, providing a softer, smoother and more stable lock on with good acceleration through the drive phase and overall lighter impact on the body..”

So the next part of our test will be to try a few modified -Active360 paddles. These own branded carbon paddles are very familiar to us as we have been regularly using the latest version since 2021.

As spring arrives in London with temperatures regularly above 10c – ideal weather for watersports – we are getting busier and keen to start testing. If you are joining us on a local paddle and want to try them please ask in advance. The Oscar modified SUP paddles are kept at our Kew Bridge base.

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