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I chose a less than favourable day for a pub crawl but living in the UK this is highly likely to be the case and actually some of the times I appreciate the pubs more! With reasonably high winds (up to 26mph gusts), rain and hailstones it was not the perfect day for a paddle BUT there was some sun. Each pub was a nice break from the elements and a chance to refresh. The route I paddled was Kew Bridge to Fulham (and back) using the last of the outgoing Ebb tide and the start of the incoming Flood tide – this is what enabled me to cover a reasonable distance paddling past all of the pubs I’ve listed below. If you aren’t timing your trips around the turn of the tide you will just need to pick a closer point for a stop or you can always plan a one way trip and get public transport there or back – This is always an option if you get carried away at the pub!

I have my favourites but every pub has something unique to offer, most with stunning views of the river and all within a 2 minute walk from the river itself which is what makes them more accessible to paddlers. I’ve stopped at all of these pubs (individually) from the river when Paddleboarding or Kayaking, technically a few were pub crawls if we are going by definition: “a tour taking in several pubs or drinking places, with one or more drinks at each.”

This is just a list of paddle friendly pubs you should try if you are paddling this stretch of the Thames, If you want to get a better review of the pub itself, food etc. then just check them out on Google or Tripadvisor.

If we are paddling with groups then it’s all about access and when we decide to stop when choosing a pub, for example as much as I love climbing out up a ladder in a hailstorm because it makes me feel like Bear Grylls or Justin Miles it’s not something I would recommend and there are easier/safer options. The access points will be very different at High and Low tide so be aware you may need to continue to a more suitable stopping point. For tide tables check out tides near me or https://active360.co.uk/questions/ or if you want to learn more about tides, river navigation and more check out the Thames Skills & Knowledge courses – https://active360.co.uk/tsk-and-coach-training/.

The Crabtree, Fulham


Access: You can paddle right up to the beach behind the pub and there is a few bricks stacked in the corner to help stepping over a low wall. Once you are over you’re pretty much in the beer garden which is spacious.

The Blue Boat, Hammersmith


Access: There is a pontoon right outside but it’s private access only (Fulham Reach Boat club), there is a ladder about 50 metres to the left of the pub and a slipway just before Hammersmith Bridge which is around a 2 minute walk away.

The Chancellors, Hammersmith



Access: There’s a ladder from the foreshore and a small climb through the railings at the top. The ladder is sturdy but generally not used by anyone so don’t take my word for it! There’s a slipway before Hammersmith Bridge on the North side and the pub is about a 1 minute walk from there. If you do use the ladder it’s a 30 second walk through an alley way straight ahead.

The Blue Anchor, Hammersmith


Access: There’s a pontoon outside but again it’s private access although rarely in use, the slipway by Hammersmith Bridge (North side) is around a 2 minute walk.

The Rutland Arms, Hammersmith


Access: Same as above for the Blue Anchor.

The Dove, Hammersmith 


Access: There are some steps to the left of the pub with a small wall to climb over at the top. Then it’s a few metres to the alleyway and entrance.

The Old Ship, Hammersmith


Access: There is a set of steps around 50 metres from the pub.

The Black Lion, Hammersmith


Access: There’s a set of steps almost outside, once you have climbed them you will see the beer garden.

Fullers Brewery, Chiswick


Access: There’s a slipway right next to the brewery. Then it’s around a 1 minute walk to the brewery shop entrance where they have a selection of beers bottled and on tap.

The Bulls Head, Barnes


Access: A Ladder taking you up to across the road from the pub or a slipway about a 1 minute walk away. Also a set of steps next to Barnes Bridge around a 2 minute walk away.

The White Hart, Barnes 


Access: A set of steps right outside the pub.

The Ship, Mortlake


Access:  There’s a slipway right outside the pub.

The Bulls Head


Access: A set of steps directly outside and a slipway around 50 metres away.

The City Barge, Chiswick


Access: There’s a set of steps just outside.

The Bell & Crown, Chiswick


Access: A set of steps just behind the pub.

The Steam Packet, Chiswick


Access: Steps from the river across the road adjacent to the pub.

More to come…….

Kew to Twickenham

Hammersmith to Chelsea

Join the club for regular pub paddles – https://active360.co.uk/360sup-club/

By Dan Hyman

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