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What We Use

We mostly use boards ranging from 11′ – 14’ in length and 28” – 34” in width which are suitable for the Tidal Thames. The size suitable for you will depend on your size and weight, where you want to paddle and your experience.  Where you see package that means a paddle is included.  A fin, pump and bag is always included as standard with new boards. We also have a few shorter, lower volume boards which are good for beach holidays, sheltered coves and other less demanding water. We always recommend trying before you buy so why not set up a demo session where we can discuss options and you can try out several to find out what works best for you ? https://active360.co.uk/equipment-sales-and-demo/ 

Gladiator Origin 10'8 x 34"

Good all round rigid, stable board at a budget price. Extra stable at 34″ wide for a larger paddler. Paddle and carry bag included.

Sale £360.00

Gladiator Origin 12’6 x 30” S Package

Faster than the 12’6″x 32″ pro but a bit less stable  so best suited to lighter or more experienced paddlers. 

Sale £425.00

Ex Demo £275.00

Gladiator Origin 12’6 x 32” T Package

A good balance of stability and speed in an inexpensive package with a good paddle, bag and pump.

Sale £425.00

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Gladiator Pro 12’6 x 34” Package

Plenty of volume for heavier or unsteady paddlers but enough length to still keep up.

Sale £525.00

Paddle board

Starboard 12’6 x 30” Touring Deluxe Package

One of the best 12’6″ touring boards by a top brand.  

Sale £899.00

Ex Demo £650.00

Gladiator Elite 14 x 30” T Package

One of our coaching team’s boards of choice on the Tideway  Lightweight but stable and quick.  Comes with a full carbon paddle, wheelie bag and great pump.

Sale £699.00

Ex Demo £475.00

Paddle board

Starboard 14 x 30” Touring deluxe Package

A top quality lightweight touring board designed with an eye for detail.  The 14″ length makes it faster and more stable  than the 12’6″ and there’s more carrying capacity and volume. 

Sale £949.00

Starboard Allstar Airline 14 x 28"

Probably the best inflatable we have ever used. It’s our board of choice for paddling and coaching on the River. Fast but still very stable with welded rails and extra rigid with a free flowing aramid cable. 

Sale £1199.00

Gladiator Pro T 12’6 x 32” Package

An upgrade from the Origin tourer, slightly lighter with an upgraded paddle and wheelie bag.