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We are generally quick in getting back to you and email is best. However, over the summer period please allow a little bit more time for us to respond. If your request is urgent, call us and follow up with an email.  


Most frequent questions and answers

No license is required though you will need an Environment Agency license to paddle on the Thames upriver of Teddington and a CRT licence to paddle on London’s canals. If You join British Canoeing you won’t need either licence as your membership covers you

We recommend you use stable boards fast enough to paddle against the Thames tides as you may need to do this at times.  Generally boards over 11’ work best and we favour 12’ and above  Any board you are unstable on will be risky as it’s important that you can stay on your board all or most of the times.  

A buoyancy aid is a must on the Tideway and you should never use a leg leash – only a quick release one you have practiced with so you can be sure to release when necessary. 

Good grippy watersport shoes are a must and they should have a strong flexible sole as there are sharp stones on the foreshore and its easy to cut your feet.  Flip flops are useless as they often get stuck in mud and fall off.  Make sure you have something thermal to wear as the Thames can be chilly.