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Equipment Sales
and Demo

We handpick our equipment from a select few tried and tested brands Including Starboard, Gladiator, STX, NRS and more. You can find out more about the equipment we buy and sell in our SUPshop.  If you are looking to buy a SUP we can arrange a demo session which will enable you to try out and compare boards and paddles. We refund half of the cost of this if you buy a board from us within one month.





Years of Experience

We have worked with these brands for a number of years and some have even taken our wishes into consideration when making modifications to their new designs. Urban paddling sometimes affects the type of equipment we select – Longer/faster boards, quick release leashes, thicker soles on boots etc. We also design our own equipment with a manufacturer we have worked with for many years.

Book Your Demo

Demo sessions cost £70 for up to an hour of trying equipment on the river with one of our coaches. If you decide to purchase a new board then we will deduct 50% (£35) off the price.

Contact us to arrange a demo session or to enquire about or view equipment.

Purchase & Pick Up

We stock boards, paddles, safety equipment and more! All our equipment can be purchased and picked up from our main base by arrangement. We prefer customers to research what they are buying or better yet come and see it first or arrange a demo session.