Active 360


What We Offer

Active 360 Flex Touring Fin

A good value performance fin at a bargain price.  Flex fins are very tough so you are less likely to break the fin or fin box if you drop your board on the fin.

Sale £12.00

Active 360 Click Fin

These are great to carry as spare fins as you can snap in in seconds even with cold hands.  We find them less likely to become detached than other quick release fins.

Sale £15.00

Gladiator Logo Flexi all round Fin

A versatile lightweight flex fin.


Gladiator Fin

A solid versatile and rigid fin.


Starboard Centre Fin 9”

Made from injection moulded  plastic that with a 30% fibre fibre.

Sale £25.00

Starboard Dolfin II

Sharp edges and a high strength give the fin a lot of performance and a low resistance in the water with a clean directional stability. 

Sale £49.00

Billboard GF1

A glass fiber fin with honeycomb construction. Great tracking even on a larger board.

Sale £75.00

Billboard CF1

A beautiful rigid carbon fibre fin, ultra lightweight. 25.5cm in length for great tracking even on a bigger board.

Sale £99.00