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Riding not hiding Quick release Waist Belt (Leash not included)

A simple, inexpensive and effective QR belt to turn your leg leash into a leash fit for moving water.


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A quick-release waist belt with ‘one size fits all’ technology has been designed with multi-rider use in mind, perfect for riders that are sharing a board or riders that have an extra small or extra-large waist and need the extra design technology that this belt brings. This belt is also great for riders that like the option of releasing the belt with both left and right hand, as the 2 buckles design gives this extra option.

This belt fits snuggly and comfortably around your waist, and the cuff from your existing leash simply fits through the loop at the back of the belt or a D ring attachment that can fit another quick-release option too.

Features two hard-wearing quick-release clips with pull toggle’s at the front for emergency release should you need it, the two quick-release clips offer a wide range of consumer fitting needs with the option to add extra webbing for the extra-large rider needs.
The quick-release waist is stitched with saltwater resistant bonded 40 industrial nylon thread for peace of mind.

Fits waist size 29″ to 50″
(extra webbing can be supplied on request for larger waists)
Belt width is 50mm.

Can be used in conjunction with any ankle leash but if a leash is required the Riding not Hiding ankle leash fits with this waist belt well.