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Active 360

Who We Are

We are the largest SUP provider on the Tidal Thames in London operating since 2011 between Richmond and Hammersmith and beyond. We have a decade of experience of bringing Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) to urban river environments here in London on the River Thames. We have introduced tens of thousands of people of all levels and abilities to an exciting and growing paddlesport.

We are proud to say we took many paddlers on an exciting path of taking their first paddle stroke with us to going on independent paddleboarding journeys across the UK including many Source to Sea expeditions, a few English Channel crossings and many smaller but so important challenges.  Many paddlers who started with us went on to raise money for charities or raise environmental awareness, sharing the love for watersporst and the environment. Some became paddleboarding coaches and are working with us! 

We have a strong environmental ethos and we aim to give everyone a chance to learn about marine environments and current threats to them, especially from plastic pollution. We encourage all who paddle with us to get actively involved in protecting our waterways. 

Our Natural Thames History Tours and Paddle & Pick river and canal clean ups are very popular with customers and are a great way to start your marine environmental protection journey. 

We have regularly featured on BBC, ITV, Sky and in all major newspapers. 

“We have over 10 years experience in Stand Up Paddleboarding and a longer standing background in other watersports including Kayaking and Canoeing.”

Paul Hyman – Founder

Our Team

Our large and diverse team of dedicated and experienced coaches from all backgrounds and walks of life will ensure you have a great experience every time you paddle with us. 


Founder and Director, Lead Kayak and SUP Coach

The heart behind Active360 – Paul is a lifelong environmentalist and watersports enthusiast. Whitewater kayaker, scuba diver and an underwater hockey player. He has set up three London Canoe Clubs all of which are still active and thriving. 

Paul started believing in SUP when nobody was yet talking about it in London. He set up Active360 in 2011 to introduce SUP to the Thames and bring together his love for water sports and passion for marine environments. 

Paul promotes environmental engagement in everything he does. 


Director, Kew Bridge Manager and Lead Kayak and SUP Coach

Daniel has been kayaking since he was 10 and started going down whitewater rapids in his early teens. He explored UK and Alpine rivers and was a regular at Hurley Weir. 

This extensive experience in difficult waters gave him a very good grounding for coaching. Dan became a kayak coach at 18.  He also coaches a number of other sports including Football and Table Tennis and works actively in youth provision across West London. 

Dan manages our main base at Kew Bridge, operations at all sites and oversees equipment sales. 


Brentford Lock Manager and Lead SUP coach

Louise was one of the first Active360 coaches.

Lou regularly takes her Stand Up Paddleboard to India where she shares her passion and knowledge of the sport with the locals.

Apart from being a SUP traveller and endurance paddler Lou works with young people of all ages and abilities with a strong focus on introducing people with disabilities to the sport.

One thing you will always find in Lou’s dry bag on longer paddles with her are…Tea and biscuits.

Lou manages our Brentford Lock base and is one of the main coaches at Kew Bridge. 


Director, Lead Kayak and SUP Coach

 Dana has been a BC coach since 2005. She started as a whitewater kayaker and only got convinced to try SUP in 2018. She hasn’t done much kayaking since…

Dana is a special needs teacher with passion for coach education. When she works for Active360 she focuses mainly on training, safety awareness and CPD for coaches. Lately she has been developing Personal Performance Awards and progression routes for our skilled paddlers. 

She has a passion for Whitewater SUP and is keen to introduce it to the London SUP community.


Natural History Tours Lead Coach

Wanda is our resident marine and estuarine scientist with a passion for the natural history and ecology of London’s blue spaces. Wanda is an ASI SUP Coach. She has been paddling the tidal Thames and working within the Thames environmental sector quite a few years.



Lead SUP Yoga and Pilates Coach

Sophy is our SUP Yoga and Pilates expert. She has been a part of 360 from the early days helping to develop coaching and the core of what we do today.



Paddington Basin Manager

Rebecca has been paddling with us since 2013. She is a swimming instructor and ASI SUP coach so whether you are standing or swimming you are in safe hands. She relocated to Portugal in 2021 so currently manages remotely from a beach somewhere…..


Lead SUP, Kayak and Canoe Coach

Richard is our young prodigy who’s been on a board with us since 2015. He is an experienced whitewater and sea kayaker with a thirst for endurance paddling including participating in Devizes to Westminster multiple times. Richard loves a challenge and has plans for some exciting expeditions. 


Lead SUP Coach

Jessie is one of our success stories. From a regular returning paddler to an experienced lead coach. She is always up for a new location and loves to explore waterways in the UK.


Lead SUP coach

Mirko is an Italian adventurer who loves taking on challenges.  Also an athlete (completed 2021 London Marathon in 3.50hrs 🙂  Calm and experienced coach with a dry and infectious sense of humour.


Lead SUP Coach and SUP Yoga Assistant Coach

Isabel is a postgraduate teacher who started paddleboading 10 years ago. She decided to combine her passion for teaching and her passion for SUP and become a coach.



Business and Admin manager

If you emailed us, you might have met Margaret already. Margaret has many years of  waterskiing experience and she quickly took to SUP. She can often be seen paddling with her friends and stopping for tea on the riverside.

Margaret is the main organiser of our admin which is quite a task !


Lead SUP Coach

Natalie was a regular returning paddler who threw herself into coaching to get a better understanding of the sport and take her friends out paddle boarding. She loves doggy SUP and you may see her taking out her Maxi with other keen paddlers and their four-legged friends. 


Lead SUP Coach

Tom is a keen up and coming racer who has already competed in many SUP races around the UK. Young face but currently our fastest coach so make sure he doesn’t leave you behind! He is a student so can only share his racing skills with us in the summer. 



Lead SUP Coach

Mel had completed a set of independent SUP adventures years before she started training as a coach.  She has paddled the Thames from Source to Sea and explored many places by SUP including the Mangroves of Myanmar.


Lead SUP and Canoe coach

Peter started out in watersports back in 2008 as a kayaker  and started coaching at our local club (Edge) in 2014.  He picked up SUP a bit later but has put in many hours on the river both sitting and standing and is now a very experienced coach. 


Lead SUP Coach

Stuart joined us in 2020. He fast tracked to become a skilled helper and in 2021 a BC coach.  He has many interests, comes to sessions on his motorbike and is always keen to jump on the river whenever possible.  


Lead SUP Coach

When James isn’t on the water he’s fighting fire (sometimes with water).  He’s an experienced Thames coach and has recently been clocking up many hours of coastal paddling. 



SUP Coach

Jamie trained as a BC SUP coach in 2021 and has become a regular at all locations to get his coaching hours. He is also a keen artist so he’s got different strokes for different folks.


Paddington Rentals Manager and Trainee Watersports Coach

Tyler is the man you will most likely see first if you visit our Paddington site. Currently training towards his coaching award so you may even see him on the water aswell.

What we offer

We offer a range of activities across our London sites for all ages and abilities. 

Group Sessions

Whether you are a complete beginner or looking to practice or upskill under the guidance of a qualified coach.

Private Sessions

We can tailor your session to suit whether it's a big occasion or just a small group or individual session.

SUP & Canoe Rentals

Self guided tours if you want a bit more freedom to explore at your own pace.

Natural History Tours

Explore London’s biggest blue space, the wonderful River Thames from. a uniquely close perspective.

Kew Bridge Fitness Gym

Our new riverside gym now open for Fitness sessions, Yoga & Pilates and available to rent for classes or personal training.

Bespoke & Team building

We can cater for groups up to 30+ at each location. Whether you are looking for a celebration with friends and family or a team activity or event.

360 SUP Club

If you want to be part of a regular group of experienced SUPers then join our SUP club which is run across our 3 of our London locations. 

Schools & Youth Provision

We are AALA licensed and have worked with many schools and youth organisations and charities over the years.

Yoga & Pilates

The exercise mats been replaced by a large anchored paddle board floating on calm water and the studio replaced by nature.

TSK & Training

Take your paddling to a new level with our PLA endorsed Thames Skills and Knowledge courses or coaching pathways.

Paddle & Pick

We organise Paddle & Pick sessions to raise awareness of plastic pollution in our waterways.

Our environmental work

Active360 are passionate about raising awareness of the health of our water and aquatic ecosystems, especially in regards to the global epidemic of plastic pollution. The UK’s waterways are often beautiful spaces, where a slice of serenity can be found even in urban areas. Getting into the great outdoors is liberating, but all too often our waterways are blighted by litter and in particular plastic waste. Not only does it spoil the enjoyment and safety of watersports, the plastic trash harms wilidlife and often ends up in the oceans, causing significant damage to our natural environment for hundreds of years. 

Explore our Paddle&Pick site for more info about the work we do and projects we engage in.